NEW - KUNDALINI GOWN 2.0 with balloon sleeves


*Please note product pricing is in USD*

This is a new version of the Kundalini Gown Original with a movement friendly balloon sleeve.

All white, full length dress with side pockets to hold your crystals, button down from collar bone to ankle bone. Perfect for your Kundalini practise, meditation at home, post yoga, before and after, dress it up for a fancy occasion. Wear the Aquarian Woman lifestyle. Whatever occasion you wear it at you will feel like a goddess in this flowy adornment designed with love by Myrah Penaloza.

These garments are handmade using carefully selected yet delicate materials and they may have small imperfections and variations as they have their own stories on their path to you on your journey.

Please hand wash cold and handle with extra care.

We have also released a white simple slip for this piece which is available for order now. Check out the site to add it to your cart.

Canadian Customers, please email for Canadian discount code.