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Adi Shakti Mystic Floral Heirloom Hair Comb

These combs have a few different elements represented, the first being Adi Shakti, primal first power and divine mother. Embodying light & dark, power & grace, tenderness and fierceness and the true essence of who we are. I’ve pulled from these themes in designing this set of combs with the sharpness of the swords contrasted with the softness and sensual curves with the flower petals.

We have added a sun in the center of the swords for our daughter sweet Soleil, representing the bright rays of light in all of our children. They are our divining rod showing us the way and providing constant inspiration and drive to be our best and highest selves. The ultimate love and lessons in trust and surrender.

The moons are added to represent the cycles of life and our connectedness to the earth as well as being the goddess symbol and mark of the high priestess, which I believe to be in all of us.