100% Organic Cashmere White Kundalini Serape


A sacred design inspired by Vintage Guatemalan Serape and the sacred culture around the sun and the moon. The square neckline represents the 4 corners of the earth and balancing of the masculine and feminine. The square is a representation of the masculine, representing the sun, and as a woman when this piece is adorned the head represents the moon.

The cashmere helps you contain your electromagnetic field, because the cashmere fiber is a technology, that allows you to separate from the chaos of the world and polarities on the planet. This allows you to maintain keep your energetic frequency at a much more balanced and harmonious rate. If you practise Kundalini Yoga, you have probably felt the grounding energetics of your sheepskin mat, now imagine that feeling draped around your heart as you wander and journey the world in this absolutely luxurious abundant that you, yes YOU so deserve! Handmade with love in collaboration with the sweetest Italian Artisan Cashmere family we have ever met.

This piece shown is in Candida White.

We have designed this collection of cashmere garments in collaboration with Milanese Artigiani, which was Established 1959 in Milan, Italy by the Bizzarri Family. An Italian family of cashmere knitwear artisans. They have created fine Italian style; “Proprietary, Bespoke & Tailored” Cashmere Knitwear for more than 55 years. The Bizzarri’s take intense personal pride in their stylish Italian designs and the extraordinary high quality of their Cashmere garments.
Meticulous care is taken over every detail in the making and hand finishing of a cashmere garment. Every garment is critically inspected for styling and quality and to ensure it is perfect fit and is visually striking.

The Artigiani Milanesi Ethos:
Eco - sustainable, locally produced and fiercely adhering to their heritage, they use only the purest natural Italian Cashmere yarns & the oldest Italian artisan methods known. They invite you to invest in a part of Italian history & style choosing authenticity and discerning luxury.


Artigiani Milanesi purchases 100% Italian Cashmere yarns from a Yarn Mill in Italy. They have a long relationship with the Italian Mill dating back to the 1970’s.
The Mill sources the finest cashmere fibres from their suppliers in the high Mongolian planes. The fibres are brought back to Italy to be spun and dyed.

Cashmere comes from the underfleece of the cashmere “Hircus” goat. The cashmere goats graze in the high Mongolian planes.

In order to survive in their habitat of extremes, through harsh winters and hot summers, the goats have developed an undercoat beneath their rougher outer hair that consists of the soft and fine fibres.

Once a year in spring, the goat herders harvest this underfleece by delicately hand combing the goat, this is harmless to the animals.

About 250 grams of this cashmere underfleece is harvested from each animal every year. That is why cashmere is so precious. ( your average garment has about 200 – 300g of cashmere in it.)