Nomadic Bakhtiar Tribe Mandala Carpet

$850.00 On Sale

Everyone keeps asking about our carpet collection and we are finally releasing a few from our finds around the globe. This is from our personal collection.

This Bakhtiar Nomadic Tribe Carpet is a stunner and we are looking for a new home for this beautiful piece. Hand Woven, Hand Knotted, wool carpet on cotton base. Washable. Genuine Persian Carpet.

Bakhtiary Tribe is a nomadic culture that moves around during the seasons of the year and they used to use this style of carpet on the floor of their tents, to sleep on, to travel on, its a thick and very strong carpet that will be in your family for generations to come. Bakhtiary Tribe carpets are one of the strongest carpets in the world and often called the Land Rover of Persian rugs because they are so strong. Mixed colors, navy in the centre.

Approximately 9.7 x 7 (2 Meter by 3 Meter). Retail Value of this piece is $4500USD.

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